Skill Behind Selling

The world of sales has been changing over the past few decades. With the growth of new software and technology, Inside Sales now revolves around the act of identifying, nurturing and converting leads remotely – building an impactful bridge for Outside Sales to scale faster, efficiently.
We, as your Inside Sales Partner not only generate leads, but also build long-term opportunities from within a consistent act of nurturing the leads. We are a unique full-service sales and marketing organization offering Customized Strategic and Tactical Sales Solutions to Organizations, Globally. We can help you increase your outreach in existing and new markets (globally), get new clients & increase your revenue, all at substantially reduced costs.

Mission Critical Partnership

In October 2019, Harvard Business Review wrote “Inside sales has muscled its way into serving larger customers with complex needs. Also, inside salespeople who once performed only simple tasks (generating leads, getting renewals) are doing more complex steps, including assessing customer needs, crafting solutions, and closing sales.”

Today, B2B buyers travel a new path to procurement with several different touchpoints along the way. The more places you can be along their journey, to show the differentiated value of your offering, the more you will have a chance to win that customer. To do this, we digitally engage with potential customers. Our inside sales reps made 42.5% more dials, left 10.2% more voicemails, and sent 8.8% more emails for our Clients with mostly outside sales reps. We focus on social media, with 49% more social touches. This focus across digital channels allows us to better engage buyers at the touchpoints that are currently capturing their attention.

Glocal Footprint

Our clients across Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific over the last 5 decades are served by our highly skilled team of web empowered & phone-productive professionals. Basis our extensive experience, we have developed a Glocal process- driven approach to B2B lead generation, suited to each geography, culture and business sentiments. Our proven methodology helps our Inside Sales specialists uncover sea of new opportunities for you across the World. With several innovative approaches across Lead Generation, Account-Based Marketing, Data Research, Content Marketing – we are providing flexible, full-funnel and scalable solutions across various vertical markets and geographies.

Our Services

We understand how sales work. And we know that no two businesses are the same. We pride ourselves in customising our approach for each client and use tailor-made solutions What more, we offer a collaborative partnership which involves coordinated execution of tasks and shared responsibilities for the results – while optimizing cost-savings and accelerated ROI with tremendous client satisfaction.