What is Content Syndication?

Whilst we are in the internet era, content syndication is a term often utilized as a digital marketing concept. It basically means offloading or distributing a brand’s web-based content to be published on third party websites. A vast variety of content can be published on those websites including blogs, articles, infographics, illustrations, animated videos etc. Content Syndication, often termed as recycling the content, majorly facilitates a two way advantage for the third party website and the brand. The brand receives the advantage of backlinks, SEO optimization, brand awareness and publicity and the third party website receives relevant content that would further enhance their digital credibility. Content Syndications hold numerous advantages leading to sales conversions.

The Inside Sales division of Thomson Digital offers advanced content syndication services that help in deriving qualified leads for the business and boosting the sales of the organization. The content will extract out organic leads while building the reader’s perception about the brand. We would be constantly syndicating content to verified third party websites, which are relevant to the target audience of the business organization. Our team of digital marketing professionals would actively generate warm leads that are cost effective and guide them towards further considerations and finally sales conversions.

Advantages of Content Syndication in Lead Generation

· Enhanced ROI from Content Campaigns

· Growing Target Personas

· Boosts the Marketing Leads on the Website

· Omnichannel Referral Traffic

· Enhanced Brand Equity

· Develop a Network of Marketers from Word-of-Marketing

· Amplified Lead Quality

Top 3 Trick to Utilize Content Syndication to Your Benefit

· Discovering Suitable Third Party Websites

Recycling or re-publishing the content has become quite a crucial element of content strategy for business organizations. While finding the relevant third party website to publish the content, it is important to thoroughly research about the website in regard to its popularity, ranking, type of audience etc. Filter out potential website and contact them. If the brand’s content matches their requirement, they would also be interested in the partnership.

· Formulate the Ideal Content to Syndicate

After formulating an alliance with the third party, the next step is to decide what content needs to syndicated. Whether it’s going to be only a headline, an entire article or blog, a paragraph from the content for just a few phrases. It absolutely depends on the type of audience that is visiting the third party website. An important element to keep in mind while syndicating content is to add links to the landing website pages of the brand or call to action to enhance the sales conversion rates.

· Content Syndication Assists in Lead Generation

Re-publishing the content on third party website helps is enhancing the lead conversion process for business organizations. The website landing pages linked to the syndicated content helps the audience to attain the required information about the product and the brand. The Call to Action that is linked to the syndicated content can help to extract out audience information that would be interested in the products of the brand.