Lead generation has a crucial place in the success of any brand or business. We are saying so since it is the very first step of the sales funnel. There are plenty of options available that makes it complicated and overwhelming sometimes. But it is not as complicated as it looks. Through numerous ways, you can now generate leads and also convert them into Qualified leads. In this blog, we will be covering a few Lead generation trends that you must follow in 2021. They have proven their potential and benefit, so you will be benefited as well:

Voice Search Marketing

Voice Search marketing has proved to be successful in many ways. Voice searches are a technology when voice assistants, for example, Cortana, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant read the present and read your search’s snippets. Voice Search will represent 65% of searches in the coming year as the percentage will be 55% in 2020. Voice search would have an enormous effect on Lead generation that cause brands to focus more on this. The time demands that companies and brands should start to consider elements, for instance, Rankings and (NLP) natural language processing for their voice search campaigns.

ABM (Account-based marketing) is great for B2B data management companies

As per the report of HubSpot, “ABM (Account-Based Marketing)” is a kind of strategy that focuses on growth in which sales and marketing collaborated in order to develop customized consumer experience for a communally recognized set of high-value accounts.

With ABM marketing, companies will define a list of target profiles of the audience that would be based on the value they will add to the business. After that, the focus will be the resources on seizing the predictions as leads that guarantees the success in ROI targets.

Email Marketing

Email marketing still tops the list of effective trends. About seventy-two per cent of consumers prefer email as their first communication medium. This simply means that it could be a great method to generate leads. Email Marketing assists you to build your company’s credibility as well as developing trust between you and your customer. This method will allow you to reach out both warm and cold leads by delivering weekly or monthly newsletters and educating your customers about your product. It will be a great help to your business.

Video marketing

The popularity of videos develops significantly in last few years. It is predicted that about 82% of traffic on your page or website is attracted because of the videos you post. As per the research, customers prefer to watch videos rather than reading content on the website. Video marketing can be a great tool to boost reach, engagement and drive sales. It is one of the essential marketing strategies to upgrade trust and authority. In 2021, video marketing with the help of social media influencers will help businesses reach more customers and generate leads.