Challenges We Solve:

Lead generation can be time-consuming and challenging, particularly since there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to lead generation. If you own a business or lead a marketing department, it’s vital you assess the extent of your capabilities to decide whether it makes more sense to hire and train someone in-house to market and sell your product, or whether you should outsource your marketing and lead generation efforts.

We solve the following challenges for you:

  • Connect sales team with prospects who are willing to spend the right value in exchange of the unique value proposition you offer.

  • Find out prospects from the list of contacts received from the sales teams and through networking events. Any prospect can have potential to become your client.

  • Create PULL marketing campaigns for large and key accounts.

  • Reach your clients before any of your competition and create interest in your value proposition.

  • Make an impact with your first impression to take you closer to a sale.

  • We help you launch new services in the existing market as well as in new markets to create your market share, just so you are ready before you bring you services into meaningful action.

One of the main things you need to consider when deciding whether to outsource is your staffing. Do your current team members have the skills and capacity needed to take on the task?

You’ll want to consider in-house lead generation when …

  • You can dedicate an experienced, full-time team to it. In order to make lead generation work as it should, you need at least two or three employees who can focus solely on targeting, content, domain, and scheduling logistics.

  • Your primary leads are coming from inbound marketing: people who have indicated that they want to hear from you by completing a form on your website, for example.

Outsourcing your lead generation makes sense when …

  • You don’t have the resources to devote to staffing a full internal department.

  • Your lead generation needs focused cold calling and booking appointments – market intelligence, lead generation skillset and experience, and demand generation expertise

You have a clear definition of qualified leads for your business, and you’re confident you can build a clear lead generation requirement with all parties involved.

That’s when we step in.

Our Value Proposition

The benefits of outsourcing lead generation can add up. Outsourcing can save time on prospecting, identifying the most qualified leads, and setting up meetings between those leads and your rock-star salespeople. Together, your outsourced lead generation and internal sales teams can work to reduce ramp time and achieve a reasonable lead efficiency, making your growth goals more attainable. A business can’t devote 10 hours a week to lead generation and expect to see success. It requires a cross-section of experience, knowledge, and talent across disciplines to create an effective process.

When you’re running through your list of outsourcing considerations, know that you can’t go wrong with first-rate resources and a strong set of guidelines.

We bring 4 key values onto the table:

Expanded Reach to new customers/new markets

We deliver the best industrial resource pool both from expertise and experience wise from our 50+ years of experience. And our Customer ...
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Expanded Reach to new customers/new markets

Efficient utilization of the selling time in order to achieve shortened sales cycle for crisp closures that will result in amplified outreach in target ...
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Reduced cost of client acquisition

We provide high quality leads to maximize your ROI in extremely competitive market scenario by worki ng towards building internal efficiencies in operations to pass the ...
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Perennial healthy sales’ funnel & proces s driven sales

– We enhance productivity of your sales team to consistently d eliver High quality qualified leads for you. We drive our teams to shorten sales cycles for ...
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How We Work

Our Data Driven Approach To Marketing – Through data analytics, social listening, machine learning, and natural language processing paired with human insight, we tap into the power of big data for B2B market and business intelligence. Our goal is to accurately deliver Qualified Sales Leads through intelligent use of data. Through data science, insightful analytics, and our own constantly appended database, we are able to help our Customers’ sales and marketing teams craft data-driven strategies and meaningful execution plans for impactful results.

We also practise a disciplined, time-bound process for constant interaction, reporting, and exchange of information with our counterpart Sales & Marketing teams of our Customers. Here’s a sample workflow:

  • The Phone and E-mail campaign starts off in 2 weeks after the placement of purchase order.

  • Going ahead, we categorically elaborate on the insights and inputs to be tapped into for the meetings with stakeholders, campaigns to be conducted, customer needs, FBV features, benefits’ value, personas as well as the challenges.

  • Upon having encapsulated the ground-level task management, we perform account mapping for all the prospect companies, update the contact list, carry out ingrained researches (research-driven lead base targeting) and simultaneously build on your social media profile.

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  • Then takes place the scripting of E-mail, phone script, escalating your database, supporting collaterals and business cases.

  • As soon as the scripts get approved, we initiate the product training and simulation calls.

  • Once the Lead by Leads campaign starts, the actual calling simultaneously begins.

  • Lead nurturing is carried out across all the accounts through re-marketing until they are sales ready.

  • Appointment setting with the team when the sales are ready, followed by a weekly monthly progress report, to ensure an efficient standardization of sales process and reports.