Lead Generation Services:

The pace of advancing economy has levelled up to an extent that with every lap you cover, the race only gets longer and more challenging. Thus, upon realising the importance of the core being strongly held onto, we are determined to conserve your elaborated time and energy, by sending across only the prospective leads to you. Our lead generation services will be focused into:

B2B Data Management

Every marketing strategy is centered on data, right from an email campaign, webinar invitation, whitepaper download to form completion and sales follow-up. With the vast data available to marketers, they can target the right audiences with the right messages at the right time. But, managing this ever-growing data and keeping the database clean and updated is indeed one of the biggest challenges for marketers. At every stage of customer acquisition, there’s potential for a valuable prospect to slip through your fingers. Healthy, robust market intelligence and customer data management prevents this fallout at every critical juncture—when you are attracting and nurturing new leads, engaging companies in sales discussions, and closing and growing accounts.

Our B2B customer & prospect data management system delivers value every step of the way, allowing your sales and marketing teams to:

  • Find more high-quality leads that resemble your best customers
  • Accelerate lead qualification, scoring, and conversion with rich, contextual data

  • Build a larger, healthier pipeline with better segmentation, lead assignment, territory planning, and account dispute resolution

  • Reach the right people through a comprehensive network of known connections

  • Create a more customized and relevant account attack strategy

  • Find reasons to sustain the conversation with social media and news updates

  • Expand your sphere of influence within accounts to retain and grow them

  • Dramatically reduce the amount of time sellers spend on research

4 key focus areas:

Verify Contacts

We source 100% accurate and phone verified, opted-in database of your target segment that helps us generate the desired ROI on all your Marketing and Sales campaigns.

Generate Contacts

We aggregate high-quality prospect data real-time, helping you to enhance engagement, generate more qualified Leads & optimize conversion.

Identity Contacts

We deliver deeply researched role-based contacts who are decision-makers for specific functions, verified for contact-ability.

Validate Contacts

We enrich your legacy data from multiple sources and campaigns, through our data hygiene management methods for optimum direct marketing.

Appointment Setting

You want to maximize face time with prospects through a consistent stream of good quality meetings lined up for your team week after week! We engage with your sales team and become a virtual extension of your field sales team, securing quality time with decision makers in your prospect organizations.

Whether your prospects are CXOs, middle management or any level in between, our B2B Appointment Setting Services and highly experienced telemarketing team uses a blend of research techniques, probing skills and consultative selling, to ensure that your sales teams are present at the right place at the right time. Our team is trained to deliver complex & tech-based sales messages into markets ranging from the USA & United Kingdom to Europe, Middle East, India & Asia Pacific. Our team speaks with over 500 decision makers each day and has generated in excess of a billion dollars in sales pipeline for our clients.

Our appointment setting teams are always conscious of the need to look for trends and signals and exploit them to yield the maximum gain for the client. On several campaigns, we have advised our clients to change direction and pitch to a target audience instead of the original brief basis the insights gathered from conversations that our team engaged in. These course corrections have resulted in high brand awareness amongst the correct target group, and a much higher conversion rate for our clients.

4 key focus areas:

Volume sales leads and a robust pipeline

Time, effort and resource efficiency, leading to Lower cost of sales

Insights on prospect behaviour and preferences

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Sales Qualified Leads

A qualified lead is someone who could become a potential customer to you, based on criteria and identifying information that they have freely provided.

It’s important to note two things: One, there is no standard criteria — this is unique to your business. And two, only people who have “raised a hand” and willingly provided information are considered a qualified lead by us, which means no purchased email lists or cold prospecting will count.

Once we’ve gathered enough information to qualify a lead for a sales outreach, they are considered sales qualified leads or SQLs. These sales-qualified leads must receive a personalized sales follow-up as they are valuable. Over time, SQL definition will need to be adjusted to fit dynamics in your target setting basis volume, market changes, and buying patterns.

SQLs will have indicated budget information, a heightened level of interest, or other concrete conditions such as company size, their right role/company, number of employees, or something else specific to your target customer segment. We also choose to “fast-track” a new lead as an SQL when these are on a list of target companies or people, created after running an account-based marketing campaign.

4 key focus areas:

Speak to sales

Request a demo/quote

Target list post Industry research

“None” is an opt-out and disqualifier and “Other” is generally neutral and requires further examination